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Hi, I'm Soraya and I like to take pictures.

Yes, I really do. So much so that about three years ago I decided to make it my full time profession. Just be brave, they said. And now, here I am - a published photographer who has captured more families than I could have ever dreamed of,

I have spent the last (almost) decade of my life working as a Project Manager in the Creative Industries. I have planned and directed many photo shoots and always wished to hold the camera in my own hands.

Then I became a mum. Perspectives changed.

Capturing every little move of my son, I once more realised how precious it is to be able to freeze that one moment in time. 

I am a curious person, sneaking into peoples life - even if just for a couple of hours - is a dream to me. I believe it's curiosity that helps me capture what life is all about.

My kind of photography

I believe in the beauty of the moment, especially when it comes to family photography. Messy hands, wild hair, toys everywhere - that's family life.

A white background can not give me that authenticity, which is why I do not work in a photo studio. 

Especially when it comes to newborn photography, I believe that the comfort of your own home can bring so much peace - it's familiar, everything is at hand and it's you. It's where you are in that moment in time. 

Generally, a relaxed atmosphere is important to me and it's only beneficial for great photos. We can take breaks, eat cookies while taking pictures and you can tell me tales of your life - who knows, I might even be able to capture it in a picture. 


Feel free to contact me with all of your questions.

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