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Or as we say in German: Hallo.


Hi, I'm Soraya, an experienced, published photographer and an average but very kind human too. 

Peerspace have named me the best family photographer in Manchester two years after I started my business. My two children call me 'Mama'. You can ask me anything, I like a chat - a lot.

I have spent the last (almost) decade of my life working as a Project Manager in the Creative Industries. I have planned and directed many photo shoots and always wished to hold the camera in my own hands. Now I do.​ 

I am a curious person, I want to know who is in front of my camera so that I can really see you, and so that you can see yourself (or your brand) in the end result.  I believe it's curiosity that helps me to capture connection in all of its forms.

  • German who moved to the UK for love

  • Mother of two

  • Herbal tea enthusiast 

  • Loves a good hug

  • A rather curious person

  • Glass half full

  • Firmly believes that butter makes everything taste better, garlic does too

  • Favourite animal is a sheep 

  • Dreaming of one day owning a bit of land and creating community spaces

  • Always on the hunt for the most beautiful natural light

  • Thoughtful

  • Soft and strong

  • Relaxed, never rushed

  • Searching for the beauty in the mundane moment

  • I always arrive with two cameras and a bunch of lenses

  • My equipment is regularly tested and of highest standards

  • I work with 35mm analogue cameras on request


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